Best Foldable Keyboard

Published: Thursday April 18, 2019 18:04

It’s a fact of life that, sometimes, you might get caught short; I am, of course, talking about not having your laptop to hand. In such instances, you might think that it’s impossible to get any work done, but you would be wrong: with a foldable keyboard (compatible with all major devices), you can type away on your phone or tablet before conveniently packing everything away again into your trouser pocket Very efficient.

Compact (5.7 x 3.5 x 0.5 inches) when folded down, it weighs just 6.3 ounces, yet expands out to close to the size of a standard keyboard while in use. The iClever Foldable is compatible with most Bluetooth devices, including the majority of smartphones, tablets, and computers.

Battery life is impressive, at up to ninety hours of continuous use, and the keyboard fully charges in two hours via the included micro-USB cable.

There's a useful pouch to store and protect everything in transit, and it stays stable on any hard surface, even while typing quickly. Well-priced and reliable, it's the ideal wireless travel keyboard.

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