Amazon Echo Show (2nd gen): Brighter Smart Display

Published: Monday April 29, 2019 15:07

The first generation of the Amazon Echo Show felt like an experiment — the idea of an Echo with a screen seemed like a good idea, but it was met with mixed reviews once the first version was released. Now, Amazon has released the 2nd generation of the Show with significant improvements. The new Echo Show has a larger screen, better speakers, and more features, making it a fully-fleshed-out visual smart hub for your home.

First, the screen is now 10.1 inches and has a crisp 1080p HD display, so if you watch videos or make video calls, you’ll get clearer details. Second, the speakers have dual two-inch drivers and Dolby processing, so the stereo sound is much clearer. And unlike the first edition, the 2nd generation Echo Show can now act as a primary Alexa and Zigbee hub, so it can turn off the lights, play music, answer questions, and do much more with your smart devices. One other way that the new Echo Show improves upon its predecessor is the addition of Hulu with Live TV — the first live TV streaming service for the device — and the ability to watch YouTube videos.

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