Free Online course: Diploma in Python Programming

Published: Thursday May 09, 2019 16:13

This course covers all the basics of the Python programming language. It starts by discussing basic concepts in programming before then showing you how to use Python with Visual Studio. You will then learn the rules and guidelines involved in creating variables, as well as how to store different types of data within variables. Using built-in functions, you will be taught how to manipulate these existing variables.

Next, you will learn how to read code and how to spot errors within code, which is a core programming skill. The course includes different ways of testing the code for possible errors. In addition to this, the course will provide you with some great tips that make coding a lot easier. By the end of the course, you will be able to add comments while coding in order to make your work easy to review and edit.

This course is an ideal study aid for anyone who wants to add the the Python language to their resume. It provides simple concepts and easy-to-understand solutions that can benefit novice programmers and people taking programming-related degrees. While it can serve as a supplement material to those who already have a programming background, this course is also beginner-friendly. So get started, and learn how to code with Python today.

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