Free online course: NCERT Economics XI April, 2019

Published: Monday May 20, 2019 22:54


The course on Indian Economic Development will give an idea to the learners about the foundation of Indian Economics & its development since Independence. The course will begin with a brief background of the Indian Economy on the eve of Independence. It will familiarise the learners with sectors of Indian Economy. It will also explain the planning process in India & its impact on different sectors of the economy. The reasons & processes of Economic reforms and the impact of economy will also be analysed. The learners will get an oppurtunity to know some of the major challenges facing the economy such as poverty, human capital formation, rural development, inflation, employment, infrastructure & sustainable development. A comparison of the development experience of India and its neighbouring countries will provide an idea of the perspective of development in these countries. We welcome you on the online course of Indian Economic Development.



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