The Best Sunrise Alarm Clocks and Wake Up Lights

Published: Monday May 20, 2019 23:09

The Mosche Sunrise Alarm Clock is a quality, value for money wake up light that’s feature packed.

The feature list includes a choice of 7 light colors – indigo, purple, blue, green, red, orange and white. You can use these as a general mood lamp at night or as a gradual wake up light in the morning. There are 10 adjustable brightness settings.

There are also 7 wake up sounds to choose from. These include nature sounds – birds, forest and waves, or if you prefer you can use the built-in FM radio.

Sunrise/Sunset Simulation — The wake up light will be on from 1% of the brightness to 100% at set time to bring you out of deep sleep gently to welcome a refreshed day; And Sunset function will guide you to natural, restful sleep.

The Mosche wake up light can be charged via USB and also takes 3 AAA batteries to be used as a power backup in case of a power failure.

All in all the Mosche is a solid all-rounder with a great feature that offers top value for money.


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