Free online course: NCERT Physics XI April 2019

Published: Thursday May 23, 2019 21:11


The world around us has an astonishing variety of phenomenon. Physics gives us a chance to take a closer look and try to understand these. We have evidence to support the work done since ancient times by thinkers, philosophers and scientists. They  tried to unravel the mysteries around us. The excitement of learning, to do systematic scientific work is the root of this course. You will learn methods of measurement-including universally accepted norms. Kinematics, that helps us to describe any motion and dynamics which helps us to identify the causes of motion.  Some energy is required to move things and we will define these in  scientific terminology in a way that communication about physics to others is easy. In this course we will learn about different ways bodies move –motion in a straight line, in a plane. You will also learn about system of particles, rigid body rotation and extend the same to explore gravitation. We have to first understand the basics, therefore in times when scientific skills are far advanced as compared to what they were many years ago, we will still revisit those ideas and study physical laws within limits. After understanding the fundamental rules of nature, we will be able to extend them to more complex situations in real life. Mathematics   is important for the physics course because it lends excitement to it,we will  first learn the physical concept and only then apply appropriate mathematics to it. we will use New mathematical operations like vector algebra, limited differentiation and integration wherever required to help us understand physics better In physics problems with numbers are called numerical, we will help you learn methods of solving these with ease by several examples throughout the course.



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