The Retro TV Bluetooth Speaker, It’s too smart.

Published: Monday May 27, 2019 16:32

Bluetooth speakers come in pretty handy, but aesthetically, they aren't always the cutest. These speakers from Divoom aim to change that, with a hefty dose of nostalgia and color. Available in three colours (white, green, and pink) at Urban Outfitters, these little speakers look like miniature retro TV sets. They're Bluetooth enabled, of course, and wireless, so a full charge will last you about 6 hours of playback. And each speaker features a full-colour LED display-one that will likely remind you of video games from back in the day. Oh, and you can design your own pixel art for it on the speaker's accompanying app.

But perhaps the best part of this adorable speaker is that it does more than just play music. It's a smart assistant, too-like if your Alexa were trapped in a tiny TV. It can serve as an alarm clock and sleep sound machine, give you weather updates and keep you posted on your daily planner and social media notifications, record voice memos, and more.


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