Free Online Course: Ruby on Rails for Web Application Development

Published: Thursday May 30, 2019 16:55

Ruby on Rails is a server-side web application framework and includes everything you need to create database-backed web applications. This course begins by introducing you to Ruby on Rails programming language, how it works and what the syntax for this programming language consists of.

The course teaches you object-orientated programming concepts, and you will learn about classes, methods and inheritance, which are the core building blocks of any object-orientated program. 

Next, the course teaches you about Ruby on Rails syntax. You will learn how loops and conditional branching work; how to create methods and blocks, along with the correct syntax for writing these procedures in Ruby on Rails.

Finally, you will be introduced to the web application development framework. You will learn what the Model View Controller (MVC) architecture is, the main components found in the MVC and how the Ruby on Rails Framework works. 

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