Free Online JavaScript and jQuery

Published: Thursday June 06, 2019 16:47

Javascript is a cross-browser skill that will take your resume to the next level, and give you some pretty cool programming abilities. This course will guide you through the basics of JavaScript and jQuery to ensure that you gain those skills. You will first be introduced to the fundamentals of JavaScript syntax, including JavaScript debugging and how to add JavaScript to a page.

You will then be guided through jQuery basics such as selecting and manipulating elements, assigning attributes, traversing tools, and CSS/Styling. Subsequent modules will go deeper into advanced concepts such as jQuery core, events and effects, plugins, performance best practices, and managing dependencies. Throughout the course you will be given interactive exercises and examples to make your learning really practical.

If you want to continue your growth as a computer programmer then this is the course for you. Computer programming is constantly evolving, with new tools, programs, and even languages always on the horizon. It is so important to keep up and have as many tools in your belt as possible. This course can get you certified in one more great programming skill, and make your resume a lot more impressive to your employer. Not bad for a course that takes less than 5 hours.

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