Samsung Smartthings Smart Home Tech Into An All-In-One Wi-Fi Solution.

Published: Monday July 08, 2019 15:24

There are few things as frustrating as troubleshooting a Wi-Fi network and coverage within a home or apartment. For something so vital to maintain a connection to the outside world, or provide a means to binge watch Breaking Bad from start to finish "just one more time," Wi-Fi sure is a fickle technology.

In recent years, mesh networking has emerged as a promising means to eliminate most of those issues, while providing added controls and functionality to network management. Mesh networking uses multiple access points (AP) that blanket an area in a signal, handing off devices to another AP when it can provide a better connection.

Plume's AI smarts will work in tandem with Samsung's hardware to learn network conditions, make suggestions on improving a network, prioritizing devices, and parental controls for connected devices.

Most of those features are reserved for Plume's membership program, but Samsung has worked it out with Plume so that all SmartThings Wifi users will get to take advantage of the advanced features without any further fees.

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