Free Online Course: Create Android Apps Using Firestore

Published: Thursday July 18, 2019 16:24

In this course, you will learn how to develop a stylish interactive app, using Firestore database technology. The course shows you how to work on the user interface (UI), for example the controller for adding new posts or "thoughts", and how to create and customise category buttons, text fields and alert boxes. You will learn how to configure code using Android Studio. Develop secure login capability, using Firebase authentication.

Next, the course reviews how to implement Firestore security rules, to protect your database and restrict access to permitted users. You will use mockup designs to help you lay out and customise your app, so you can produce a professional product. You will learn how to incorporate tap response functionality, apply it to the app's elements and learn how to add the corresponding code.

If you’re interested in Android app development as a future career, or if you’re an IT professional seeking to improve your skills, then this clear and simple course is the one for you. In this course you will be invited to develop the app's functionality, to "make it your own" and customise it with different colours and assets. Participants in the course are encouraged to create a new app from scratch, using what you have learned in the course. So, get a head start by learning from an industry leading programmer. Practice and learn in your own time and repeat the lessons as often as you need.

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