Kolkata Metro Tickets On Your Smartphone

Published: Thursday August 08, 2019 18:13

Kolkata Metro app provides various information to the users of Metro Railway Kolkata and has all the salient features that they need. Following are the different sections in the app with their respective features.

STATIONS: provides comprehensive details of all the 24 stations respectively. Such as it specifies the area belonging to the station along with the exact locations of the working gates. "Nearby Places" helps the user to find important places in its vicinity. "Restaurants" powered by zomato helps the user to find popular restaurants near the station

NAVIGATION: provides a convenient way to navigate to a destination. Our algorithm will suggest a better way to reach a destination in the city by determining possible metro routes. Users can now book cabs to their nearest station (presently only Uber is supported)

TIMINGS: displays the next 10 train timings from your selected source station to your destination station. It also shows the fares, distance, travel duration, intermediate stations and service timings between the two selected stations

SMART CARD: Info about various types of Smart Cards available in Kolkata Metro Service.

ABOUT METRO: Some basic information about the Metro Railway, Kolkata

HELPLINE: displays all necessary helpline numbers needed in case of an emergency

Download link:  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.MiNUSzer0.kolkatametro&hl=en