Free online course: Introduction to Angular 2

Published: Thursday October 03, 2019 14:41

This free online course will first teach you what Angular 2 is. You will learn about client side templating as well as what a single page application is. You will then learn about the core philosophies of Angular and study the differences between Angular 1 and Angular 2. You will also learn about TypeScript and what it can offer your development environment including the uses of the different types of directives found in Angular 2.

After studying the attribute directives and structural directives, you will look into data flow and providers. You will learn about interpolation and event binding, along with how to combine them for 2-way binding. You will learn what providers are used for, and you will learn how routing in Angular works for creating single page application. You will then learn how to combine all the features covered in the course to create a functional web application.

If you have finished studying the Introduction to Angular JS course as well as the JavaScript Application Programming course, then you should be ready to take this Introduction to Angular 2 course. Prior experience in Web site development and JavaScript is a must before taking this course to ensure that you won't be confused by the relevant processes and technicalities. If you're ready to go, why wait? Check out the course now and expand your knowledge in modern Web development today!

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