Google WI-Fi The simplest, most value-packed Wi-Fi mesh system yet.

Published: Thursday October 03, 2019 14:49

Google Wifi is the easiest and most manageable router that we’ve ever set up, period. It might not be the most powerful or offer precise controls, but it more than makes up for any lack of depth in unmatched simplicity.

The age of the traditional wireless router has come to an end, slowly getting replaced by wireless mesh routers like the Google Wifi. Devices like the Netgear Orbi and Samsung Connect Home are extremely popular these days, so it shouldn’t be too surprising that Google has jumped on the bandwagon with the Google Wifi.

Google’s wireless router undertaking has paid off. Not only is Google Wifi the best wireless mesh router money can buy, but it’s also one of the best routers today. This is mostly thanks to the fact that it packs in more mesh units at a lower price than competing mesh routers.This attention to value is combined with simple setup and great network management through a clean mobile app. Trust us – after using the Google Wifi, you won’t want to use any other wireless router.

Design and setup

Google doesn’t only have an advantage in pricing on its hands, but it also has the best designed Wifi units and the easiest setup of any offering. Each Google Wifi unit, a small and simple cylinder with a white LED band in its center, is capable of the same functionality.

This means that any Google Wifi unit can function as the core ‘router’ of the system, while the others can spread wired Internet (which is beamed to the unit wirelessly) with their included Ethernet ports as well as wireless internet. All three units are powered through USB-C.

Setup is also totally smooth, just like the Google Wifi’s hardware design – using a free iOS or Android app to facilitate the entire process. We’re not going to dive into the nitty gritty of the procedure, but the Google Wifi App will configure your network by first scanning the QR codes on the Wifi point connected to your modem or gateway.

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