Free Online Course- Introduction to Hospitality Management Studies - Revised

Published: Thursday November 07, 2019 23:05

This course will first give you an insight into the five key characteristics of the hospitality industry. You will explore the two main business sectors in the hospitality industry as well as careers that one may have in the hospitality sector. You will also study the main types of hotel accommodation such as airport hotels and resort hotels as well as specialized hotels such as cave hotels and underwater hotels. You will also study the two categories of hotel rating systems.

You will then look into accommodation and study the grading of rooms as well as the different types of hotel rooms. The course will also cover specialized rooms such as accessible rooms, adjoining rooms, president suites, and villas. You will study the standard types of beds such as Queen and King as well as the other types of beds such as studio beds and Murphy beds. Finally, the course will discuss the different types of room rates as well as the different types of hotel guests.

People working in the hospitality industry get the chance to build relationships where cultural diversity is a given. This course will teach you the main characteristics of the hospitality industry, the career paths that await those interested in joining the industry, and its relation to tourism industry sectors. So, have a look at this hospitality management course today, and start your journey towards a rewarding people-oriented career.

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