Nimbus smart dashboard

Published: Monday March 11, 2019 14:56

The Nimbus personal dashboard has four of them and they'd look at home on the dash of any 1970's muscle car. Instead of reporting on oil pressure, alternator output, and the current temperature of your cooling system, the Nimbus displays data from your digital life – things like commute times, email volume, social media activity, calendar appointments, Fit Bit stats, and more.

Information is displayed digitally with physical needles acting as a barometer of your watched items. If you have more emails than usual, the needle will indicate this. It's like a speedometer for your connected life. The more to the right the needle is, the more you have going on.

The Nimbus syncs with your Android and iOS device with the Wink app over your home Wi-Fi. The app pairs with the Nimbus via a series of rapidly flashing lights. 

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