Online Free Course: Networks and Systems

Published: Monday March 18, 2019 15:15

This course is designed especially to help the aspiring students to apply their knowledge into various ranges of industries and develop electrical engineering skills right from understanding the basic network and system theories. Providing an overview of basic electrical engineering practices with the help of classroom and experimental work, this course offers them a better practical knowledge of networks and systems. It also helps them:

1. Achieve understanding of communication networks.
2. Understand different aspects of computer systems engineering.
3. Undergo training experience in the field of computer science & engineering.

Course Syllabus

1. Representation & Classification Of System
2. Linear Equations Of Signals & Systems
3. Exponential & Singularity Functions Of Systems
4. Analysis Of Systems
5. Special Cases Of Discontinuous Systems
6. Impulse Response Of Signals & Systems
7. Derivation Of Functions In Fourier Series
8. Representation Symmetry Conditions Of Fourier Series
9. Representation & Derivation Symmetry Conditions Of Fourier Series
10. Fourier Analysis Of Frequency Spectra
11. Power & Related Aspects Of Fourier Series
12. Rms Value Of Foruier Series
13. Periodic Functions Of Fourier Transforms

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