Get smooth, expressive writing with these Pilot Varsity point fountain pens.

Published: Monday March 25, 2019 15:01

I've always appreciated a fine writing implement. At Popular Mechanics, my starting rotation features a Tetzbo ballpoint pen from Japan, a Koh-I-Noor mechanical pencil from the Czech Republic, and a billion Bic Round Stics from the supply closet. But a fountain pen always seemed like a utensil too far.

Not that a fountain pen doesn't write well. It's a perfect tool, and a joy to use because it writes so differently than a ballpoint or gel pen. 

A fountain pen glides. Or it will if you’re holding it right. When your angle is wrong, it lets you know. The writing feels like scratching. When it’s right, though, it doesn’t even feel like you're writing. It feels like you're painting. You can sense the physics of writing: that the pen never actually touches the paper. The ink does.

There's something weirdly intentional about using a fountain pen. You aren't jotting. You're composing. A grocery list feels like a poem. 

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