Indian Martial Art: A Touch of Cultural heritage.

Martial Art is a compact form of various sports and culture Which was invented by a south Indian Buddhist monk named Bodhidharma and spread in China, Japan and Korea as a form of self-defense or attack.


What is Indian martial art?


Indian Martial art is a form of cultural practice in Indian subcontinents since Vedic time. It is also known as combat knowledge and self-defense knowledge. Apart from that, there is an own form of practice martial art is found around our states. Such as,


  Lathi Khela in west Bengal
    Pari khanda in Bihar (The steps of pari khanada is also used in Chau dance)
    Mardaani Khel in Maharashtra
    Kalaripayattu in Kerala
    Gatka in Punjab
    Silambam and Varma Kalai in Tamilnadu
    Kathi Samu in Andhra Pradesh
    Vajramunshi in Karnataka
    Sqay in Kashmir
    Thang-Ta (Huyen Lallong) in Manipur
    Toda in Himachal Pradesh ( This martial art is also a dance form)
    Paika in Odissa


Advantage of Indian Martial art


Till now we used to know Martial arts have an impact on self-defense and cultural performance. But Martial Art is rich in physical, mental & Spiritual improvement.

  1. It helps to build good balancing power.
  2. Enhance physical fitness.
  3. Boost self-confidence.
  4. Improves focus sight.
  5. Give a lesson of morals and value
  6. Improve stability & coordination quality
  7. Brush up blood pressure and heart rate.
  8. Concentration booster.
  9. Mood freshener.


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