Digital Detox: Regain Control Over Technology Use.

Technology plays an indispensable role in our lives; No one can deny its benefits and necessity. However, we need to unplug ourselves from tech life at times. Just as our electronics devices are continuously running, so is our mind. Sometimes we just need to disengage those two things and get back into reality.

An average smart phone user checks his device more than 40 times a day and total average usage amounts to over 3 hours per day when texting, email and other digital activities are included – that’s without watching Youtube or browsing Netflix or Amazon prime.


The main purpose of decluttering our digital lives is to regain control over our technology use. Adopting digital minimalism doesn’t make you avoid technology or social media completely, but instead involves you in a productive approach where you spend your time on a small number of carefully selected and optimized activities that strongly support things you value and then happily miss out on other unnecessary things.

Excessive use of technology and social media may lead to various physical and mental health issues:

  • Depression
   • Feelings of guilt
   • Anxiety
   • Isolation
   • Mood Swings
   • Fear
   • Procrastination

The digital detox is basically a 30 day detox plan from technology, followed by restoring those devices, apps and platforms that add value to your life. With the values of minimalism you can act with correct intention in the right direction.

The Digital Detox plan:

-Remove social media apps (Facebook, twitter, Instagram, snapchat) from your phone.
-Turn off your smart phone at certain times of the day. (Ex: while Driving, meeting, gym, dinner etc)
-Don’t sleep with your phone at night.
-Replace your smart phone use with healthier activities.

What you will gain from Digital Detox:

  • Less Anxiety and More Happiness
  • Increased Focus
  • Live a sorted & better life with your family
  • You will feel calmer & more contented.
  • You will get time to meditate and exercise daily.

The benefits of digital detox are clear but more importantly adopting digital minimalism is an action you can do regardless of your surroundings. Moreover, cultivating a minimalist digital space can act as a catalyst for acting in other areas of life, as mentioned above.