The Dark Side Of Smart TVs

The secret practice of data harvesting that has corrupted the internet is heading for the television like a tsunami. Network traffic analysis of Smart TVs, Dongles, Amazon Fire stick show an alarming level of data shared with advertisers, manufacturers & social media platforms. (Facebook, Google, Netflix, etc)

Advertising companies have always wanted to know which programmes are most viewed but Smart TV services can supercharge this process by offering insights & deep understanding into what viewers are watching in real time.


Research shows that smart TVs use automatic content recognition (ACR) techniques to analyze what viewers are watching. Using ACR Smart TV services can gather & track data on viewing habits of consumers without their knowledge.

The advertising & TV industries are clear with their plans to improve insights & targeting with an association of media and technology companies launching a standard path to deliver advertisements based on what viewers are watching. Thus consumer data & privacy are being traded in mass volumes.