What is Minimalism?

Minimalism is a way to practice living with less. Less doesn’t mean “None”. But every single person has a different explanation of what “less” means to them. The main objective behind minimalism is to help you recognize & focus on your true prime concerns.(Things that really matter) 

The benefits of living life of a minimalist are countless. You don’t have to be extreme to notice positive changes in your life. Change little things. Life will give you more satisfaction and happiness. 


The philosophy behind minimalism is to get more experience from life rather than the passion for possession. The basic psychology of humans is to try to get more when already they have more. This works like a virus. Research proved that getting & spending more is one of the causes of depression or unhappiness. 

Minimalism helps to get rid of this “more” virus. The things in our life which have turned into clutter. Before shifting to minimalism declutter & disown unnecessary things first. Start implementing it to lead a happier, healthier & meaningful life.