Online Free Course on Responsive Web Design, Bootstrap UI Tutorial

This Bootstrap tutorial course will first introduce you to Visual Studio and ASP.NET integration. You will learn what a browser link is, how to use templates with generated code, how to scaffold a project, and how to use scaffolding to determine templates' content. You will also be introduced to the useful support and extensions found in Visual Studio. The course will also teach you how to enable functionality from JavaScript, create modal dialog boxes and alerts for your website, provide inline help, and create tabs and scroll spy.


You will then learn what LESS is, how to install it, and how LESS can help you achieve semantic markup for your code. You will also be introduced to real-world considerations for a Bootstrap application. You will then learn about the factors to be considered before editing a Bootstrap files. Finally, the course will teach you how to host your website as well as how to use a CDN (Content Delivery Network) and what a CDN involves.


All the information you need to develop an easy-to-use and responsive web page is at your fingertips with this free Bootstrap course. Before taking this course, it will be useful for you to have knowledge of web page design using HTML5 and CSS3, as well as some experience developing websites. But if you're ready to go, why wait? Try out the course today, and prepare to wow your clients and superiors with your newly-acquired web development skills!


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