Best Air Purifier in the Indian Market with HEPA Technology- Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 3.

The condition of the air quality in our country’s capital is a hot topic these days. Xiaomi, India’s number one smartphone and Smart TV brand aims to help as many people out with the quality of the air they breathe by introducing its new Mi Air Purifier 3, the newest in the company’s lineup of air purifiers.


This smart new Mi Air Purifier is better than its predecessor not just in design but features as well. Let’s look at the features and specifications in detail of this product. 


Triple Layer filtration:- Mi Air Purifier 3 features a triple-layer purification filter which includes:


Primary Filter: It removes large airborne particles like dust and pet hair

True HEPA Filter: It eliminates 99.97 percent of small pollutants like PM2.5

Activated Carbon Filter: It removes formaldehyde, toxic substances, and bad odour. The air purifier works well in large rooms and can be placed anywhere in the room

OLED Touch Display:- Check the PM 2.5 levels, temperature, humidity, and Wifi connection status on the high-resolution display. The air purifier comes with 6 modes of- sleep, auto, low, medium and high to choose from with one single touch. The purifier can be connected to the MiHome App to get AQI information on your phone. 

Coverage Area:- The purifier is perfect for medium to large rooms. It cleans the air 3 times in an hour in the recommended room size. With a high Clean Air Delivery Rate, it ensures you only breathe more clean air. CADR indicates the volume of purified air (in cubic meter) which an air purifier produces every hour. 

Lesser Noise:- As compared to Mi Air Purifier 2, Mi Air purifier 3’s noise levels at highest fan speed came down from 66 db(A) to 64 db(A). The purifier makes slightest of sound during the sleep mode hence providing you a good night’s sleep with fresh air. 


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