Free Course How To Build WordPress Sites That Attract Free Traffic

This free online course begins with a brief introduction to what you will be doing in the course, including how to evaluate niches, evergreen niches, primary niches and sub-niches which will help you decide what you want to focus on. Next, you will learn how to build out the WordPress site framework with the end goal of a fully SEO optimised website.


The course then moves on to studying factors such as click through rate and the length of an article, that determine which web pages rank on page one of Google, Yahoo and Bing. It also covers how Google uses RankBrain to evaluate the user experience of your content helping you to start creating content that ranks on page one.


Finally, having made some developments to the website and having ticked all the SEO boxes, the course moves on to the last stage, where you start to get some shares, likes and overall social media visibility, collectively referred to as social signals. You will also learn how to get backlinks, and how to find out which backlinks our competitors have. Start this course today and learn valualbe skills on how to use SEO and WordPress to attract free traffic from Google.


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