How to use face mask correctly?

When you have symptoms of cold, flu or other viruses and infections, properly wearing facemask can protect you from infection. It is vital part that you follow infection prevention precautions when putting the mask on and remove the mask. If you need to wear facemask then follow some instructions when you use face mask:


1. Wash your hand with soap and water for at least 20 second, or rub your hands together thoroughly with alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

2. Check you mask if you find any defects such as a tear or missing tie or ear loop.

3. Make sure the metallic strip is at the top of the mask and positioned against the bridge of your nose.

4. Mold the bendable metallic upper strip to the shape of your nose by pressing down on it with your fingers.

5. Pull the bottom of you mask over your mouth and chin, and make sure it covers your nose and mouth.

6. Be sure the mask fits snugly.

7. Donít touch the mask once in position 

8. After that wash your hand.


When you remove the Mask:


1. Wash your hand when removing the mask.

2. Do not touch the inner side of the mask. It may be contaminated from your coughing or sneezing.

3. Untie and remove the mask by the straps.

4. Throw the mask in the trash and wash your hand with soap.