India, a land of many tongues

“India is a museum of Tongues”. In India all languages are important and equal. There is no question which is more equal. More than 19,500 languages are spoken in India as mother tongues according the latest analysis of a census.


There are 121 languages which are spoken by 10,000 or more people in India. Acceptance of Hindi should be organic. Southern states and Tamil Nadu in particular are opposed to imposition of Hindi and think it as a brutal assault on them. 96.71 percent of the population in the country have one of the 22 scheduled languages. 


1369 rationalised mother tongues and 1474 names which were treated as unclassified and relegated to other mother tongue category. The 1369 rationalised mother tongues were further classified following the usual linguistic methods for rational grouping based on available linguistic information.


The total 121 languages are presented in two parts- in the Eighth schedule of the Indian Constitution, comprising 22 languages and languages not included in the Eighth schedule, comprising of 99 languages plus the category “total of other languages” under that language.