How to fix common sleep problems?

Sleep is something that we want to improve. No one seems to be getting proper sleep, yet it is vital to our well-being. It is essential at least try to give yourself the best quality sleep you can. There are many reason for sleep deprivation: worry, parties, late night television and works. Reason of sleep loss, research has shown that it takes a toll on us both mentally and physically. When we sleep, our body release hormones that affect our mood, energy, concentration and memory. Letís cover some of the most common sleep problems:


Cannot Stay Asleep: Most people experience short-term insomnia at some time. It includes having trouble falling asleep, having trouble getting back to sleep and waking up too early. Temporary insomnia can be caused by:

   1. Hearing noise
   2. A stressful event like any loss, bad news etc.
   3. Bad habits like drinking alcohol and eating too close to bedtime.

You also need to avoid consuming any caffeine at least several hours before bedtime.