Which Air Purifying Plants Help to Keep Indoor Air Clean?

When you think Air pollution, we are all stressed and troubled how to comfort in this condition and what measures we should take to make the air around us a little better and pure. The present pollution level has increased too much. In this article we are going to talk about some small steps that we can easily implement in our daily life to make the environment cleaner and staying healthy.


You should know the quality of air that we breathe at home is the most important thing in the environment. Indoor air-purifying plants are the key to clean home. They are safer option to cleanse the air at home. We all think that why we invest in indoor plants that only use to look pretty but we are wrong in that case, indoor plant purify the air at home and also keep in clean and pollutant-free. For this purpose you can plant some indoor plants to keep air clean, list of indoor plants are given below:


Bamboo Palms: Bamboo Palms is the best plant to purify the indoor air. This plant has an extraordinary capacity, thus keeps the area moist. The pollutants arise out of household objects such as paint, petroleum and diesel product which is harmful for children. Bamboo palms absorb the harmful gases and replace them with fresh oxygen instead. It is a non-toxic air purifier plant.


Boston Fern: It is one of the oldest plants in the earth. This plant prefers part shade area, partial light and in moist conditions. These ferns absorb harmful pollutants such as formaldehyde and also provide a certain level of humidity to the room, making the air pure and fresh.


Snake Plants: This plant grows very easily and it has a long life. It can grow in the darkest corner of your room. It prefers drier conditions and you need only give water once in a month. Snake plants remove pollutants like benzene, formaldehyde from the air at home, making it pure and oxygen-rich.


Spider Plants: The spider plant is one of the easiest indoor plants to grow at home. This tree grows well in bright place, but not direct sunlight. These plants get rid of harmful pollutants in the air. Spider plants improve the quality of the air we breathe. It removes xylene and formaldehyde from the air.


Chinese Evergreen: This plant remains green and healthy all around the year. It can survive in full shade, provided that their soil is well-drained. Chinese evergreen also gets rid of chemicals and bacteria in the air, making it oxygen-rich. You can choose this indoor plant for purifying the air.