Online Free Course on Facebook Advertising for Beginners

Running your first Facebook ads campaign can seem daunting. There are so many different aspects to setting up the campaign, not to mention the pitfalls that can lead to your ads being disapproved, or even ending up with a banned account. The free online course Facebook Advertising for Beginners shows you that the good news is that although it may seem complicated to create and run ads on Facebook, it's actually quite simple once you know how!


This course is designed for complete beginners and is presented in accessible manner. During the training you will learn how to set up a new Facebook page, and get that page ready for running ads. You will also learn how to locate your ideal audience on Facebook, and find and create eyecatching images for your ad. The shows you how to write short ad headlines and text, set up and launch the campaign, and everything else in-between.


As Facebook has clear Ad Policies and Terms of Use you will also learn how to avoid the pitfalls that can lead to banned advertising accounts. Pulling all this pieces together should lead to the creation of a very successful Facebook Ads Campaign! So why donít you start this course now, banish that daunting feeling and get Facebook working for you.


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