Online Free Course Diploma in Social Media Strategy

This free online course Social Media Strategist will provide you with an understanding of the rise of social media. You will learn about conducting market analysis to better understand your customer base. You will be able to explain the process of auditing social media. You will also learn about social listening tools and see an example of grading tools.


This course then explains how to set goals and select platforms for your social media strategy. You will learn about how corporate culture deals with social media, goals of social media vs goals of the business, and types of social media platforms. You will also learn about developing effective content for social media.


This course then wraps up with providing customer and feedback using social media platforms. You will learn how to organize customer service, see examples of feedback, and learn about marketing personas. You will also take a look at how to launch successful campaigns as well as setting up social media documentation and schedules. By taking this course you will learn to leverage social media in a professional and engaging way. So why wait? Start the course today, and learn valuable skills in social media strategy.


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