Why optical fibre cable is more efficient than standard copper wire connections?

Internet connectivity over fiber optic cable has become the gold standard for high-quality, fast data transmission. The Optical Fiber Cables have some definite advantages over copper cables:


Greater Bandwidth: It is designed for voice transmission and have a limited bandwidth. Fiber optical cables provide more bandwidth for carrying more data than copper cables of same diameter.


Faster Speed: Fiber optic cables have a core that carries signals much faster than the copper cables. By fiber optic cable to connect to our network can transmit data a 1 GB per second. 


Longer Distances: The signal for copper Internet networks degrades as signal is carried from the central office. Fiber optic cabled can carry signals much faster than the typical 328 foot limitation for copper cables. The actual distance depends on the type of cables, and the network.


Better Reliability: When any organisation is depend on the copper cable based Internet. Temperature fluctuations, weather conditions, and moisture can all cause a loss of connectivity.  Fiber optic cable does not carry electric current, so itís not bothered by electromagnetic interference that can interrupt data transmission.


Itís Sturdier: When compared to copper cables, fiber optic cables are thinner and lighter weight. Fiber optic cable can withstand more pull pressure than copper and is less prone to damage and breakage.