YouTube Marketing: The Five Essential Steps

YouTube is a highly effective platform for promoting your own products, services, or even affiliate offers.  But it's also a medium for potentially earning an extra income through YouTube's 'Partner Program'. The Partner Program is where YouTube displays ads on videos, and where the video publisher gets paid as a result of users clicking on those ads with no additional effort.


This course explains how YouTube marketing works and shows you how to take advantage of the 'YouTube algorithm' to create videos that have the potential to get a lot of views and engagement. You will learn how to send traffic from YouTube to your website and how to tap into the Partner Program for an additional source of revenue.


You will learn what YouTube 'wants' and how to take advantage of that, and you will discover which types of videos are inclined to get the most views and why.  All of this information will make you give you the confidence to develop an effective marketing campaign for your business bringing you better traffic, so why not start the course now!


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